About aybii

aybii is not at traditional company, but a playground for agile development of apps. At aybii you won't find big business plans. We believe that to stay small, fast and focused is the way to being truly agile.

  1. Projects must be fun and include a technical challenge and learning
  2. Projects may not harm or discriminate
  3. Independent of time and location
  4. No physical product involved
  5. Solve a problem and the rest will come
  6. No employees, but networking with freelancers and consultants


App Development

The growth in desktop computers is over, and it’s never coming back. Tablets and smartphones are already consuming all of the growth in personal computing, and it’s only going to accelerate as the hardware and software begin to mature. At aybii we develop both Web apps, which are apps that runs in a browser and works cross platform (Windows, Android, iOS) and we build Native apps for Android, where you can get the best performance and use of the Android phone and tablet.


Scrum - the agile way of working

All work at aybii is done in projects, based on Scrum as agile project methodology. Scrum supports our need to develop software in a rapid way to achieve quicker development cycles, so that progress can be demonstrated quicker and earlier to customers. It also recognizes that customers can change their minds on requirements, so that the software development process becomes truly agile.


How do I contact aybii?

The contact information is showed in the box on this site. Mail is preferred, but mobile works as well :-)